Workshop #1
Creating festive buttercream cupcakes.

Class information
Date / Time
25th November 2017 / 9am - 4pm

Skill level

What to bring
Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times including long pants, a cotton shirt with sleeves and fully closed-in, flat, non-slip shoes.

Max no. of students

What's provided
Recipes to keep, 6 cupcakes, ingredients for buttercream, Apron, Equipment, Pipping tools, Cake box to take home with.
The class will cover
how to make perfectly textured Italian meringue buttercream, step by step demo,
how to achieve natural colour tone using gel colouring,
how to ice cupcakes smoothly with the use of a spatula,
how to use piping tools and handle a piping bag in a proper way to achieve the desired outcome,
learn how to control your palm pressure to achieve clean edges,
learn how the angle your work in a different ways depending on the various piping nozzles used,
learn to understand the concept of spinning a flower nail,
learn how to decorate 6 cupcakes using 8 different piping nozzles,

learn how to make the following designs;
• realistic rose in both a big and medium size
• raspberry wreath with lamb’s ear leaf
• pine cone with lamb’s ear leaf
• two-toned mini Christmas wreath
• cotton wool with fir tree leaf 

learn how to pipe the design onto a flower nail,
transfer and arrange the designs onto a cupcake with the use of a flower lifter,
learn how to pipe designs directly onto a cupcake.